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Our Mission:

At Water Systems of Alabama our mission is to provide and maintain high quality water treatment products with friendly local service that will benefit customers and their businesses.

About Us:

Water Systems of Alabama a D/B/A company of Water Systems of Birmingham, Inc. was an exclusive Culligan dealer for more than 16 years. In 2010, we decided to broaden our product lines and services to offer additional brands such as Hellenbrand equipment (all American made), Everpure water softeners, and many others.

Residential Home Water Softeneres

Although we no longer are exclusive to the Culligan brand, we still offer repair and maintenance service to all of the many Culligan equipment customers that we currently have throughout Alabama. Our trained service technicians are available by appointment to repair all types of water treatment equipment - Culligan or non-Culligan equipment.

Whether your residential needs are a home reverse osmosis water system, a Hellenbrand water softener, water filters, or a complete well water Commercial Water Systemspurification system; we stand ready to test your water and provide solutions.

Our commercial and industrial division is equipped to handle deionization, softening, reverse osmosis, or chemical treatment. (Birmingham deionization systems)

For more information about our products and services please contact us.

Water Systems of Alabama Your Local Source for Birmingham Water Softeners

  • Promate 6
  • Iron Curtain
  • H 100 Series

Water Systems of Alabama Promate 6 Birmingham Water Softeners.

The ProMate-6.0 Water Softener

Put an end to hard water mineral deposits with a ProMate-6.0 water softener. The ProMate-6.0 removes calcium and magnesium hardness minerals leaving your water softer, cleaner and user friendly.


How does the Pro-Mate 6.0 softener work?

1. Hard water enters the first tank and passes down through ion exchange resin, charged with sodium ions. The hard water ions (calcium and magnesium) are attracted to the ion exchange resin and an equal amount of sodium ions are bumped off into the water supply. When the water reaches the bottom of the tank, it is softened and ready to be used in your home or business.


2. When the ion exchange resin is saturated with calcium and magnesium (hard water ions) it must be recharged. A strong brine solution enters the tank and flushes the calcium and magnesium ions off the ion exchange resin and attaches itself.


3. A final rinse process ensures that any unused brine is rinsed from the system and your ProMate conditioner is now fully recharged and ready to provide you with soft water.


4. Your ProMate control valve controls this entire process, including the frequency of regeneration.

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Iron Curtain Water Filtration System Birmingham Water Softeners

The Iron Curtain filtration system is among the simplest, most economical and effective iron filters available. It removes iron, sulfur, and manganese from water.

water_softeners_residential_birminghamYour iron water passes through an aeration tank which converts dissolved minerals such as iron, manganese, and sulfur into physical particles. These particles continue circulating in the tank long enough to grow to a size where they can be trapped in the filter. The Iron Curtain Filtration System then removes these minerals…leaving clean, good smelling, good tasting water.


The Iron Curtain:

--Requires no chemicals or salt for operation or regeneration.
--Requires no air injectors, venturis, or micronizers.
--Removes dissolved and precipitated iron.
--Increases the pH of acid water on type "A" systems.


Benefits of the ProMate 5.0 Iron Curtain Filter System

--Saves time and money cleaning rust stains in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry.
--Clothing will be brighter, whiter and last longer.
--Decreases salt consumption for your water softener.
--Water using appliances and fixtures last longer and stay cleaner.
--Lengthens the life of your water softener and drinking water systems.

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Water Systems of Alabama H-100 Series Birmingham Water Softeners


  • Fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your family's changing water usage patterns.
  • 10 selectable programming options ensure conditioned water for your family's needs.
  • Display indicates time of day and gallons remaining.
  • Pre-filled brine tank with softened water reduces salt-bridging problems and cleaning of brine tank.
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings during power outages with no need for battery backup.
  • Solid State Controller; 12-volt operation.


Recommended Birmingham Water Softeners for your home